The Best 13 Travel Applications you’ll love

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“Travel travel, travel well.” Here at AkanLux we are all about traveling efficiently. So we love phone applications that would ease our travel while at the same time making it fun and practical. Here is a list of travel apps that we think you will love:


  • What:  Language translation
  • Loving:Simple and reliable. You can even use their text to speech if you like
  • Cost:Free, we love free apps!


  • What:Ideas organizer
  • Loving:Organizes all the ideas floating through your head in one place. Can be used on all your devices seamlessly
  • Cost:free for basic version


  • What:A travel application that organizes all your trips in one single place (flights, hotels, cars etc…)
  • Loving:Everything is in one place so you don’t have to look anywhere else. On top of that they also send you email reminders!
  • Cost:Free
  • Website:


  • What:Instant currency conversion
  • Loving:Simple and user friendly
  • Cost:$.99
  • Website:currency


  • What:Reading application
  • Loving:You can save anything from anywhere you are and read it later
  • Cost:Free
  • Website:


  • What:enables conversation between people of different languages
  • Loving:simple design, very user friendly
  • Cost: $4.99
  • Website: Itranslate


  • What:Get travel recommendations from friends and followers. The application enables you to follow friends and pin their favorite places for your own travel inspirations.
  • Loving:simple, easy to use and you can curate your own travel experience
  • Cost:Free


  • What:booking site for apartments, homes from locals around the world
  • Loving:if hotels are not your thing and you prefer to live like a local airbnb is your answer. We love the fact that airbnb verifies many of their listings. They also have reviews and let you talk directly to the owner.
  • Cost:free


  • What: Last minute hotel booking service application
  • Loving: We love the fact that even at 2 am we are still able to book a last minute hotel
  • Cost: Free


  • What:real time chat wherever you are without paying for any SMS
  • Loving:fun, simple and user friendly. You can create a group chat to stay updated when traveling with friends!
  • Cost:$.99
  • Website:


  • What:Entertainment location tool
  • Loving:Simple and user friendly. Find points of interests around you: restaurants, hotels, parking, hospitals and much more.
  • Cost:Free


  • What:Voice and video calls from anywhere
  • Loving:reliable, clear and free!
  • Cost:free
  • Website:


  • What:Great Travel App
  • Loving:Search and book cheap flights on the go! One of the best travel app we think!
  • Cost:free

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