Top 9 sweet snacks from the Ivory Coast 

banane grillée cote d'ivoire

Ivory Coast has been known for its delicious food and quite frankly its snacks. The country is home to many different types of snack foods, including peanuts, alloco, and cashews.

Snacks from Ivory Coast are one the best in West Africa (we might be a little biased with that statement but oh well)! Even if you are just visiting or decided to stay in this beautiful country, you must try one or several of these 9 options before leaving.


Boflotos are sweet beignets typically eaten in Ivory Coast. They are consumed as a dessert but can also be eaten in a morning for breakfast. They are done with water, yeast and flour. Enjoy this light sweet snack on a hot sunny day or early morning craving.


Caclo are sweet plantain beignets from the Ivory Coast. They are usually eaten as an afternoon snack and can be savored with a spicy tomato sauce.


“Merveilles” are generally served during social events or as sweet snacks. You can quickly get addicted to these little flour croquettes. Light and filling, these sweets are a great snack alternative. “Merveilles” are also known as chin chin in Nigeria and “Gateaux sec” in Guinée


Sweet fried plantains…. Ohhhhh alloco is one of the most popular Ivorian signature dish/snack. The plantains are cut in cubes and deep-fried. Alloco is usually sweet and can be eaten with pretty much anything: grilled chicken, grilled fish, meat or even by itself. Alloco has definitely the power to convert the non-plantain eaters to fervent lovers!

Plantain chips

There are generally two types of plantain chips the yellow ones (saltier) and the brown ones (sweater). These snacks are sold at every street corner. Sweet, salty, crunchy and crispy the plantain chips are exceptionally delightful and should be a must try when visiting Ivory Coast.

Grilled Grated Coconut

Grilled Grated Coconut is one of many Ivorian sweets. Grated and roasted to perfection, this snack is very sweet and can be savored any time of the day.  Don’t forget to add some bissap with it and you would have made yourself a joyful afternoon snack.

arachide grillé

Sugared Roasted Peanut – Arachide sucré

Delicious and ohhhhhh so addictive!  The peanuts are roasted and coated with caramelized sugar. They are usually sold in recycled liquor bottles and can be eaten any time of the day. Don’t tell us we didn’t warn you of this deliciousness!

Roasted Peanut – Arachide grillé

Miamm…… Ivorians tend to eat this snack with grilled plantains. The mixture of sweet and salt is perfecto! Try it and let us know what you think.


Toffee is extremely sweet and must be eaten with moderation. These little balls of cooked condensed milk are impeccable if you have a sweet tooth and are a caramel aficionado. Toffee can be eaten at any time of the day but we would recommend trying it as an early afternoon sweet snack.

Did we leave some snacks out? What would be your favorite? Leave a comment below.

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