Travel to Africa – 17 easy tips you should know about

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When traveling to Africa there are a few things you should know and must bring for a great stay. Below are the 17 tips that we thought you should know about before starting your fun trip:

  1. It gets cold in some African regions so make sure you are aware and pack the appropriate attire for your trip.
  2. Mosquitos! Hummmm… they would eat your blood away. Buy some insect spray, insect repellent and a mosquito net. These would reduce your chances of getting bitten but not eradicate them.
  3. Apart from the lions and crocodiles, hippos are the continent biggest killers. Be aware! The animal is very aggressive and unpredictable.
  4. Going to Africa you might do a lot of walking. Pack a good pair of flat. Don’t pack your brand new flats but instead a pair that you’ve used before and are comfortable with.
  5. “Parlez vous francais?” French is common and might be essential in West Africa, Central Africa and can come handy when traveling to Algeria, Burundi, Rwanda, Tunisia. Beware that African French might be completely different.
  6. Buy a unlocked phone before leaving and get a SIM card there. Or just wait when you get there to buy both a cheap phone ($20-$40) and a SIM card.
  7. Eat local. This is a cheap alternative and you can get a good full meal sometimes for less than $1!
  8. Occasionally you can get a power outage so a flash torch would be your best friend.
  9. Make friends locally; they would tell you where to go where not to go.
  10. Carry a copy of your passport and international driving license when exploring the city. Keep the originals in a safe area in your hotel or wherever your main stay might be.
  11. Always have a basic first aid kit on hand especially “Imodium” or “Tynenol” this could save you big time.
  12. If you don’t have great negotiating skills this is the continent to be in. Bargain for everything! Don’t let the first asking price be the final.
  13. Make sure you checked all the vaccinations/shots that need to be done before getting to your African destination. Your immune system may not be as strong as the locals.
  14. Cooking classes with the locals will help you immerse in the local culture. “Get outside your comfort zone.”
  15. Make sure you know the voltage of where you are going. We had many instances where we’ve blown our hairdryers so do your research!
  16. Bring your camera you would have tons of interesting and original pictures to take.
  17. Know where your nearest country embassy or consulate is. Have their number just in case of an emergency.

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